2016 Summer Undergraduate Research Presentations

Shelbie Shelder and Arriana Rieland Present Summer Research

Summer Undergraduate Research Students Shelbie Shelder and Arriana Rieland presented their summer research for their Ingraham Lab Mentors on July 28, 2016.

Shelbie Shelder is an undergraduate student from Michigan State University and came to UCSF this summer through a program with the NSF. She researched under the mentorship of Dr. Krause focusing on the role of brown adipose tissue in thermogenesis in mice. Her presentation as titled "Will abolishing VMH-specific glutamatergic output increase thermogenesis in female brown adipose tissue?"

Arriana Rieland is an undergraduate student from Jackson State University in Mississippi. She participated in the NIDDK STEP-UP Program. Under the mentorship of Dr. Miranda, she validated CRISPER/Cas9 techniques. Her presentation was titled "Validation of CRISPR/Cas9 system in liver of primary hepatocyte. She concluded her program by flying out to Bethesda and presenting her topic at the NIH.