Diego Miranda offered position with Gilead!

Ingraham Lab Seeks Postdoc!

The Ingraham Lab Seeks a Postdoc!

The Ingraham Lab at the University of California San Francisco is seeking a highly motivated and innovative scientist with a background in central and peripheral energy homeostasis to join our team! See our publication list here.

Dr. Holly Ingraham wins UCSF MLK Jr. Leadership Award for Diversity and Outreach!

Diego Miranda wins award for Poster at Diabetes Retreat!

SRTP Student Chloe Lopez-Lee Presents Poster!

Chloe Lopez-Lee, the lab's 2017 summer SRTP Student presented her summer research project entitled "Hepatic Overexpression of hLRH-1 Attenuates Liver Lipid Accumulation and Improves Glucose Tolerance in Diet Induced Obese Mice". Chloe spent the summer under Dr. Diego Miranda's mentorship.

Candice Herber awarded a 2017 ASBMR Young Investigator Award!

Jim Bayrer featured in Washington Post!

"Our gut talks and sometimes argues with our brain. Now we know how."

By Jenna Gallegos

June 22, 2017


Read the full article here!

Yuxi Lin, PhD Joins Ingraham Lab from Columbia University

Mayra B. Pastore presents at 2016 National SACNAS Conference

Dr. Mayra B. Pastore with Dr. Gabriela González after her keynote speech at the National SACNAS conference in Long Beach, CA. Dr. González is a professor of physics and astronomy at LSU and a spokesperson for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, which was responsible for the detection of gravitational-waves predicted by Albert Einstein 100 years ago.

Diego Miranda presents at 2016 UCSF Diabetes Retreat