Candice Herber, PhD

Senior Scientist - Denali Therapeutics

Endocrinology, University of California, Berkeley - PhD
Biology & Chemistry, University of San Francisco - BA

In the Ingraham lab, Candice asked how sex differences in the hypothalamus allocate energetic resources for bone metabolism. A more comprehensive understanding is needed to understand age-related bone diseases as well as the impact of transgender hormone therapy. Her prior and current training spans molecular and animal biology, cancer biology, nutritional sciences, and endocrinology. As a postdoctoral scholar, Candice collaborated with many distinguished labs at UCSF, Stanford, UC Davis, and UC Berkeley. Her landmark paper (Herber, Krause et al., 2019) led to a successful K01 application and an exciting position in a cutting-edge biotech firm.

UCSF Profiles: C. Herber
NIH Biosketch: C. Herber

2013 Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor, University of California, Berkeley

2017 ASBMR Young Investigator Award

2019 Spring Semester Dean’s Apple Award for Outstanding Teaching (UCSF)

2019 Tecan’s Spotlight on Science

2019 Winter Semester Dean’s Apple Award for Outstanding Teaching (UCSF)