Zsofia Torok, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

6/2023 Graduate Work - Cal Tech, Pasadena
7/2017 BA City University of New York, NYC

I was originally from Budapest, Hungary, and moved to New York City in 2015 to pursue my undergraduate degree. I graduated from CCNY, where my research focused on the development of cone photoreceptors in chicken embryos. Moving West to Cal Tech, I began my graduate studies at Carlos Lois' lab to explore the neuronal mechanisms underlying memory conservation in motor circuits. For this work, I received the Chen Innovator Grant to understand how adult birdsong is maintained following perturbation. In the Ingraham lab, I wish to understand how estrogen regulates glial and neuronal cells in aging and injury repair. Outside of work, my two passions are hiking and reading.


2020                     Chen Innovator Grant Award, Chen Institute of Neuroscience

2017                     Olivia McKenna Award for Excellence in Neuroscience Research, City College

2015 – 2017         City College Fellow, City University of New York City College

2015 – 2017         Honors Research Student, City University of New York City College