Joni Nikkanen, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Aalto, Finland - MS
University of Finland - PhD
EMBO and HSFP Fellowships

I received my PhD from the University of Helsinki, where I studied mitochondrial metabolism and identified metabolic stress responses that affect disease in mitochondrial myopathy patients. I was also able to apply bioinformatic approaches to identify non-coding regulatory elements that drive the expression of mtDNA replicating polymerase in the CNS and specific neuronal populations. After completing my studies, I was awarded an HFSP long-term fellowship to study with the Chawla lab in immunometabolism. In my most recent work, I have defined how liver lipid metabolism intersects with hormones (GH and T) to regulate sex differences in disease tolerance during infection. Our work relates to the noted sexual dimorphism and lower survival rates in females following bacterial sepsis. I recently transitioned to the Ingraham lab to understand how sex-hormones influence metabolic homeostasis in the liver and gut epithelium. 

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