Archana Receives Microbiome Research Pilot 2021 Award


Archana receives new funding to pursue the role of estrogen signaling in the gut and its effect on the microbiome from the Benioff Center for Microbiome Medicine - See All of the 2021 Awardees. Their Mission: The microbiome research community at UCSF is focused on some of the biggest chronic disease issues of our time with an emphasis on translating discovery into innovative treatment solutions. The human body is home to a thriving community of diverse microbes whose activities and products shape our health. Our mission is to accelerate our understanding of how microbes promote health and prevent disease and to leverage this information to develop novel, effective treatment paradigms bringing them to patients in the shortest possible time.



Adriana Receives Longevity Impetus Award


Ms. Padilla, a Neuroscience Graduate Student, receives a newly announced "fast grant" to study the role of drugs in motivating activity in a mouse model. Reasoning that exercise is recognized as one deterrent of dementia and cognitive failure during aging, Adriana wishes to know if triggering a neurocircuit for promoting spontaneous activity, describes in Krause et al., 2021 reverses aging in mice. This new grant mechanism provides funding for scientists to start working on what they consider the most important problems in aging biology, without delay. For more information on this unique funding mechanism, please go to this link to learn more.

Krause et al., in the New York Times

Congrats to Bill and the rest of the team.

Their work was recently covered by Gretchen Reynolds in the NYT Science Times on 10/26/21. 

Ingraham Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Ingraham celebrating with her lab and others colleagues on the Mission Bay Campus after learning that she was one of 59 women elected to the National Academy of Sciences in the 2021 class. Read more about this on the NAS Website - Link. Two other UCSF faculty were elected in the same class, including Professors Geeta Narlikar and Arturo Álvarez-Buylla. 


Adriana Padilla Roger Receives NSF Fellowship

Adriana Padilla was one of four UCSF neuroscience graduate students to be awarded an NSF in 2021. A huge achievement! We can't wait to see what you do in the next 3-4 years.

Ingraham Lab Awarded New Funding from NIA, NIDDK and NINDS.

With funding from NIA (1R01AG062331 - NIH Reporter) we will determine how the female brain restrains bone metabolism and search for a new anabolic bone factor to counteract osteoporosis.​​​ In a second project and with funding from NIDDK (1R01DK121657) we are working on a hormone-sensitive neurocircuit of spontaneous activity.

Six New Lab Members in 2020

The Ingraham lab grew big time in 2020. Top Row: Ms. Jennay Agiris (left) and Dr. Joni Nikkanen (midddle) joined in Spring (just before the Covid19 shutdown). Dr. Shermel Sherman (right) just arrived from Toledo Ohio in Sept 2020. Bottom Row: Ms. Adriana Padilla joined the lab in Sept 2020 as a second year graduate student in Neuroscience coming from Peurto Rico (left). Dr. Archana Venkataraman (middle) joined the lab mid-July 2020 after graduating from Emory U. Dr. Muriel Babey officially joined the lab in mid-July 2020 (right) after completing her residency in Adult Endocrinology. Wow - lots of new young energetic scientists. We welcome these new members and are eager to see what they discover. Click on their names to the right to learn more about the research interests and accomplishments of each of our lab members.

Ingraham Named 2020 Senior GCRLE Scholar

The Global Consortium for Reproductive Longevity and Equality (GCRLE) at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, made possible by the Bia-Echo Foundation, announces its inaugural recipients of its GCRLE Scholar Awards. The 22 recipients comprise a global group who share a vision of advancing research to better understand the underlying causes of female reproductive aging. Grantees were selected by a Scientific Advisory Council composed of leaders in the fields of Aging and Reproductive Biology. Grantees range from early career scientists to established scholars in the field.

Grants totaling $7.4 million will be awarded over 2 years, with flexibility in budgeting for maximum creativity and non-traditional support such as childcare. "We are thrilled to welcome these promising researchers as our very first grant recipients." says Jennifer Garrison, PhD, GCRLE Faculty Director and Assistant Professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. "The GCRLE unites two disciplines - reproductive science and geroscience - in an unprecedented way to investigate an area of biology that has tangible societal and clinical implications. Our goal is to foster truly bold, innovative scientists with the potential to transform the field. Beyond funding, we are building an infrastructure to grow a vibrant community and developing creative programs to break down gender barriers in scientific research careers. This is the beginning of something big!"

2020 Senior Scholar Award Recipients:

Holly Ingraham, Ph.D. 
University of California, San Francisco 
"Identifying Novel Drivers in Central Control of Female Reproduction"

Coleen Murphy, Ph.D. 
Princeton University 
"Defining a "Clock" for Female Reproductive Decline"

Mary Zelinski, Ph.D. 
Oregon Health & Science University 
"Interventions for Ovarian Aging"

Read more: GCRLE Awards

Bayrer starts his own lab at UCSF in 2019.

To learn about the projects in the Bayrer lab please visit:

Herber receives a near perfect score (11) on K01.

Dr. Candice Herber proudly holds up the summary sheet of her recent K01 application to the National Institute of Aging. Her research efforts are aimed at finding new therapies for osteoporosis in both women and men - read recent news highlighting her work.