Muriel Babey, MD

Adjunct Assistant Professor - Adult Endocrine Division

University of Berne, Switzerland - BS/MD
Research Endocrine Fellow, UCSF
Clinical Fellow - Div. of Endocrinology, UCSF

My undergraduate and medical training began in Berne, Switzerland. After transitioning to the US to continue my medical training, I joined the Department of Medicine at UCSF as a Clinical Fellow in Endocrinology. I will become a member of the Ingraham lab on 7/10/20 where I hope to engage in cutting edge research at the interface of skeletal health, metabolism, and aging. I am interested in how other tissues, such as the brain affect bone health, especially during the aging process or in poor metabolic health. I hypothesize that defining the molecular and cellular signatures of unhealthy bone, especially in females, may reveal new endocrine pathways that contribute to the overall metabolic decline experienced by postmenopausal women. Results could provide new therapeutic avenues to overcome metabolic dysfunction and aging.

CV: Babey.pdf
UCSF Profile: M. Babey

2008 Swiss National Research Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

2009 Travel Award for Endo 2009 in Washington, D.C.

2009 Janggen-Poehn Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

2010 Novartis Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

2012 Selected Abstract for President’s Competition, ASBMR

2017 Scholar of the Year, Residency in Internal Medicine, AHS, Oakland, CA

2021 Weill Award for Junior Investigators in the Neurosciences (with L. Yuan)